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With our exciting International Primary Curriculum, we really get to spend our lesson time on exciting things!  We are very proud of our work and would love you to delve into some examples below.
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6TB Class Blog


This week in maths we have been looking at ratio. We used counters to represent numbers and put them in the format of a ratio which looks lot like this: 6:9. We have also been looking at shapes. In Targeted Teaching Maths we have been looking at scaling up and down with shapes and learning about angles.

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6CB Class Blog


In maths we have been learning about ratios, it’s where you have more than one number and you can make them bigger or smaller if you want. In our class we been finding missing angles to different types of shapes. We have also been looking at different types of quadrilaterals that we can make and what angles they have.

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5SD Class Blog

In PE we have been learning the steps to a dance warm-up. Cross country was on so this lesson we are doing the apparatus and the ropes in gymnastics.

Last week we set up our own pieces of apparatus. We had the ropes out and we travelled and made balances on the ropes.

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5AC Class Blog


In English we have been learning about nouns and verbs. You need a verb and a noun to complete a sentence if you do not have them then it will not be a sentence. A verb is a doing or being word, like jumping, running and feeling. A noun is a person, place or thing, like Ella, Hitchin and whiteboard. We worked in table groups.

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4GD Class Blog

On Monday we used the Chrome books and we made dinosaur covers for our topic books. We printed out poems that we wrote about a dinosaur and dinosaur teeth. On the chrome books we wrote our names using different fonts.

In maths we were counting in in different times table and are learning about column addition using four digit numbers.

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