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With our exciting International Primary Curriculum, we really get to spend our lesson time on exciting things!  We are very proud of our work and would love you to delve into some examples below.
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6TB Class Blog

On Monday we rehearsed all day; we also did the same on Tuesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday afternoon we were given the option to either go outside or do P.E or to stay inside and make costumes for the production. The people who stayed inside worked on paper beads to decorate the costumes. 

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6CB Class Blog

In English we have been writing thank you letters to the staff that ran Chateau Beaumont. Chateau Beaumont was the place that we stayed while some of us were on a trip to France. The people who did not go to France wrote letters to the teachers who organised the activities in England.

Most of the time, we have been rehearsing for the upcoming end of year production, which is the Prince of Pride Rock. Another thing that is taking quite a lot of time is spent on making the costumes because the dress rehearsal in front of the rest of the school is only days away and not all of the costumes are ready yet. Mrs Bailey showed us a way of making African-looking beads from old magazines. We are making these beads and stringing them together to make bracelets that the mandrills will wear. Jack is a giraffe in the production and he has got an amazing head piece that is about three feet high but he has got to concentrate very hard to stop it falling off his head.  Ishav is a wildebeest and he has two horns tied on to his head.  It looks epic but his costume is hot and stuffy because there is thick fur around his neck.

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5SD Class Blog

Week 1

On Monday we were visited by author Camilla Chester who showed us her debut book “Jarred Dreams”,  which is about a mysterious dream thief who steals children’s dreams, draining the happiness and colour from their lives. She also read us the first chapter of her second book “Eats” which is about two boys, Lucas Larks and Brian Tucker, who win a competition to cook at a celebrity chef’s house. We had the opportunity to buy her books AND get them signed!  It was a really fun, inspiring visit which we all enjoyed.

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5AC Class Blog

On Monday afternoon we had an author come in called Camilla Chester. Camilla talked about her two books one being Jarred Dreams and the other one being Eats.  We played a game.  We also had biscuits and juice.

On Tuesday we had Sports Day trials. We did it from 1:00 –2:30. 5AC and 5SD did it together. We tried field events and athletic events eg: tug of war, discus throwing and javelin. For the athletic events we did sprint, sack race, skipping and hurdles.

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4GD Class Blog


In DT we have been making moving toys. We got cardboard boxes and made holes in the middle of the top bit of the box and the sides. Then we cut dowel and we slid it through the holes in a side of the box and made the dowel come through the other side. We then stuck a bit of dowel through the top.

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