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With our exciting International Primary Curriculum, we really get to spend our lesson time on exciting things!  We are very proud of our work and would love you to delve into some examples below.
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6 TB Class Blog

In 6TB we have been focusing on the topic of rivers since April.

We are creating art work based on songs about rivers using any media we desire. Some people have chosen to use pencil and others are using something different. We are turning song lyrics into art. Some of the lyrics tell a story and we have tried to portray that. Oskar is creating something mysterious to convey the story of Babylon. Reilly is using different key words – river of love - from his song.

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5SD Class Blog

Everything about English and Maths is brilliant this term – from the gripping class book that leaves us wanting to know more to the challenge of having to work out, answer and explain our calculations.

In Maths we’ve been revising addition and subtraction. The harder side to it was doing everything mentally (which was not writing).

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5AC Class Blog


We finally finished the Silver Sword. It was very interesting and we all liked the story. The story was set in World War 2 in Warsaw, Poland. We are starting a new book but Dr.Christie hasn’t told us the name yet. I think that the girl in the book is sad most of the time because maybe a family member died in the war, if the book is set in that time. It’s a picture book with some words. I don’t think she has many friends. There is a red leaf in a picture frame on the top of her bed. There was a snail near a mug on her dresser. I wondered if that was her only friend.

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4GD Class Blog

This week has been so fun, let us tell you all about it!

On Wednesday year 4 went to Harry Potter world. When we arrived at school, we were all so excited that we kept bobbing up and down on the carpet. I was waiting to see which group I was in and my name wasn’t called (which was very frustrating).

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4AL Class Blog

On Monday we had a really fun Architectural workshop. The Architecture teacher was called Martin; we started off by making small Temples using sticks and elastic bands which we made into a gigantic Temple. They almost filled the entire room! We then made bridges and tested to see whose was the strongest by dropping them from different heights!

Last Wednesday we went to Harry Potter world. When we arrived in the entrance corridor we saw footsteps and notes covering the floor and ceiling. We saw the flying car which was blue and its horn kept turning on and off; its headlamps looked like eyes. We saw Harry Potter’s room. It felt weird to see his cupboard under the stairs with washing which was hanging and a few secret toys. It helped us to imagine the story more. In the Dursley’s living room there were loads of letters. There were more than one hundred props! The best thing about Harry Potter world was that it felt like being in the film.

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