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Listen to us project

 Whitehill's musical talents lead by Mrs. Walton are now embarking into the worldwide arena with the "listen to us" project. 

The project is to record our voices and send in our recordings, some photos and video footage. This will then be mixed onto a backing track with voices sent from schools around the world to make a fully international sound recording and video. Many IPC schools take part. Howard Jones (1980's pop star) is involved in writing and also editing the track.

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Royal Albert Hall backing tracks

Tracks are listed Below:

01 - O Fortuna
03 - We Will Remember Them
04 - We Will Remember Them
05 - We Will Remember Them
07 - Down By The Riverside
11 - Rock Around the Clock
14 - Gitika
16 - Viva La Vida

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Royal Albert Hall Sound Tracks

Sound tracks for the forthcoming Albert Hall performance shall be available via a link through this blog very shortly.  

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