Year 4


Welcome to the Curriculum information for Year 4. At Whitehill we deliver the National Curriculum through the International Primary Curriculum giving the pupils a global perspective and key skills for citizenship. We offer a creative curriculum which is broad, balanced and thematically focused.

The curriculum is taught, where applicable, in a thematic way. Core subjects; Maths, English and Science are given a priority and key skills are built in to themed lessons. Children become absorbed in a topic and are taught in a creative and fun environment where they want to be part of moulding their learning in the classroom.

Our curriculum is designed to include, wherever possible, first-hand experiences, particularly when new skills are being introduced. The result is a vibrant, dynamic curriculum that clearly links together key skills through core and foundation subjects.

We aim to deliver the skills of independence, self-motivation and autonomy through a wide variety of experiences and a superb range of extra-curricular activities, many of which are supported by staff who give their time freely. 


For a curriculum overview for each subject in this year group, please click on the link below. You will notice that some subjects have more than one document and these should be read in conjunction with each other. Equally, you may find that the overview contains more than a single year group, in which case, the Year 4 material will be clearly labelled.

Download this file (IPC letter_Summer 2018 - y4.pdf)Year 4 Summer Overview 2018[An outline of the units of work for Summer 2018 for Year 4]137 kB
Download this file (2018-springipc-4gdal.pdf)Year 4 Spring Overview 2018[An outline of the units of work for Spring 2018 for Year 4]240 kB
Download this file (2017-hertscompute-overview.pdf)Year 4 Computing[Updated key skills covered through the Herts scheme of work]41 kB
Download this file (2017-autumnipc-4gd.pdf)4GD Autumn Overview 2017[An outline of the units of work for Autumn 2017 for 4GD]252 kB
Download this file (2017-autumnipc-4al.pdf)4AL Autumn Overview 2017[An outline of the units of work for Autumn 2017 for 4AL]174 kB
Download this file (2017-welcome-4gd.pdf)Welcome to 4GD[A welcome letter from Mr Denney to 4GD for September 2017]516 kB
Download this file (2017-welcome-4al.pdf)Welcome to 4AL[A welcome letter from Mrs Little to 4AL for September 2017]173 kB
Download this file (re syllabus herts 2015.pdf)Religious Education[Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for RE which is followed at Whitehill]3062 kB
Download this file (history - yr4.pdf)Year 4 History at Whitehill[Year 4 Overview]326 kB
Download this file (2014computingcurriculum.pdf)Year 4 Computing[Overview of the National Curriculum Requirements]72 kB
Download this file (science school overview - yr 4.pdf)Year 4 Science at Whitehill[Year 4 overview]205 kB
Download this file (mfl website doc - yr 4a.pdf)Year 4 Modern Foreign Languages at Whitehill [Year 4 overview]369 kB
Download this file (Maths_Website document_Year 4.pdf)Year 4 Mathematics at Whitehill[Year 4 overview]293 kB
Download this file (Year 4 English at Whitehill.pdf)Year 4 English at Whitehill[The knowledge, skills and understanding outlined in the statutory requirements will be learned within the meaningful context of our IPC topics]381 kB
Download this file (english - yr 4.pdf)Year 4 English - National Curriculum Overview[Statutory requirements as set out in the new National Curriculum]205 kB

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