Letters 2018 – 2019

From here you will be able to download and read the key letters which have been sent out via email or hard copy over the course of the year. Copies are also available from the school office.

Date Letter Description (if appropriate)
September 2018 Update from Mr Mills 1st Autumn Term newsletter
September 2018 Homework Information relating to homework at Whitehill
26/10/2018 Change to School Day A more flexible start in the mornings
November 2018 School Closure Information Information relating to the need to close the school
January 2019 Club Timetable Extra-curricular activities for the Spring Term
February 2019 Update from Mr Mills 1st Spring Term newsletter
February 2019 Health Related Information Advice to be read in conjunction with newsletter
08/03/2019 Parent Consultation Evening (2) A user guide
08/03/2019 Parent Consultation Evening (1) Details of how when the system opens this term
22/03/2019 Update from Mr Mills 2nd Spring Term newsletter
04/04/2019 Update from Mr Mills 3rd Spring Term newsletter
04/04/2019 School Calendar 2018/2019 Latest version of the school calendar
30/04/2019 Club Timetable Extra-curricular activities for the Spring Term
09/05/2019 School Closure – European Elections Confirmation of the additional school closure
10/05/2019 Year 6 Trip Year 6 visit to Cafe Rouge and Hitchin Swimming Pool
21/05/2019 Letter from Mr Mills Important information for parents 
24/05/2019 Important Letter from Mr Mills Further information for parents
13/06/2019 Maths in Action A fun information evening for parents 
21/06/2019 Update from Mr Mills 2nd Summer Term newsletter
24/06/2019 Enterprise Day 2019 Information for Years 3, 4 and 5 pupils
12/07/2019 Update from Mr Mills 3rd Summer Term Newsletter
18/07/2019 Year 6 Trip to Henry Moore 2019 (2) A reminder for parents of pupils currently in Year 5