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4TB Active Earth Topic - Volcanoes

The class of 4TB became hands on scientists today as they created a chemical volcano. Using vinegar and barcobonate of soda (and a little food colouring) the budding scientists witnessed the chemical reaction caused when acid and alkaline meet thus creating carbon dioxide gases.


From Krakatoa in the East to St. Helens in the West - not forgetting Eyjafjallajokull in the North, the  children will be discovering the wonders of Volcanoes in this unit of work. They will be investigating fault lines, tectonic plates, geographical traits and historical eruptions as the weeks go on in this exciting IPC topic.


We have posted some fun pictures of their experiment in the gallery section of the web.


Mrs Pearce 

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Shorter Than Normal?
Having been away on the Heads’ Conference in Brighton for three days, I would imagine this week’s blog might be slightly shorter than previous efforts. ‘Thank goodness,” I hear some of you say! I have been in touch with the school whilst away and with the joys of digital communication am always on the end of the emails which find their way into my inbox. I am still to know why I want new desks on a daily basis or why I need to purchase another school sign! ‘Delete, delete, delete…’ The weather was not great on Monday and so I did feel a little sorry for our Year 6s as they arrived in school with their bikes and spare clothes ready for their ‘Bikeability’ week. Day one was spent in and around school and looked at the basics, but on Tuesday, with slightly better weather,...
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3SW's Hitchin Habitat Walk

Whilst looking up at sleepy rooftops and listening to the gentle trickle of the river Hiz at their feet, the class of 3SW this week enjoyed the annual historical Hitchin habitat walk. The intrepid explorers left Whitehill yesterday morning which was led by the very knowledgeable Mrs. Sanders (our local Museum Eductation Officer) to explore our historical market town. 

The trip, which lasted  approx 2hrs, looked at how Hitchin has changed over time. This raised many questions for the the new year 3's to answer. Who lived in a house like this? How has our habit changed?

We have loaded some pictures  on the gallery pages of their walk.



Mrs. Pearce 

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Arts Week ( David Hockney) - 6KH Blog
On Monday 22nd September 2014 (Arts Week) “David Hockney” (Actor/Artist/Bradfordman) came to Whitehill School! During the assembly he told us about himself and his works. He told us about all his famous expensive paintings and his life before and during his artistic career. During the assembly he told us that upper school were going to work with him that morning and afternoon!
We started off with sketching a field. We spoke about tones and he said “The closer the darker the further away the lighter.”
In the afternoon we put our learning skills to the test. He instructed us to paint using four colours, perspective, tones and distance. In our opinion they were fantastic.
By Johnny and Annabel
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