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The Bucket of Doom! (You know what comes next!)
So we reach another half term break, leaving us just seven weeks until the end of this academic year. As is the way at Whitehill this week has proved to be just as full as every other week and has seen a great deal achieved. I’m sure we will all be glad of the break - although I’m not sure we will all get one! Last Saturday was an amazing day! The Friends’ Association put on an incredible event which just felt perfect. When Mrs Avey and I met with Mrs Lounas and Mrs Howarth to plan the year’s events I don’t think either of us expected the circus to be as successful as it was. Mr Estes and I were at school around 7am and waited for the arrival of the circus convoy. It was fascinating watching the ‘Big Top’ go up and hopefully many of you will have seen the pictures on T...
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Dorset Trip 2015
Following on from the Parents’ Information Evening and the various other pieces of information you have had, there are just a few final details to give you. You will remember that you will not be able to contact the centre directly, however should there be an emergency and you need to get a message to your child, you will be able to get a message to me 24 hours a day for the four days the pupils are away. The numbers you need are: During the school day:                        01462 621313 Outside ‘office’ hours:                        07721 2051...
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Successful SATs
Of course the main focus of this week at Whitehill has been the Year 6 SATs. All the staff have been so impressed with the attitude displayed by all the pupils as they have worked through a series of Level 3-5 and Level 6 tests in Reading, ‘SPaG’ and Maths. Without a doubt, the pupils have all done their best and can now forget about them until the results are sent through in July. From a parent’s point of view, I believe the Teacher Assessment levels to be far more of an indication of the pupils’ true ability and a reflection of their attainment over the course of a whole year. We have to do the tests, however and I suppose it is good preparation for the exams they will all have to do at secondary school. This is the last year pupils will be given a level and so marks...
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What a Strange Week!
What a strange week! This has probably been compounded by the fact that last week for me went on until Sunday night as I was in Liverpool at the NAHT annual conference. It was a very productive three days and as an official delegate from the Hertfordshire Branch, it was important I attended. I suppose one of the key features of the three days were the addresses from the three main political parties on their proposals post election. As I write now, one of those is a ‘former’ MP, with David Laws having lost his seat. It is going to be very interesting to see what the government propose as they begin their second term in office. As I am sure you can imagine, it was a topic of conversation at today’s Hitchin Heads’ meeting. So, Monday was my day off and a chance to get thi...
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Sue Palmer Testimony

December 2014spt


'I spent a delightful day at Whitehill School in November 2014, doing grammar with the children.
They were a joy to teach - very focussed and keen to answer questions - and it was clear that their teachers encourage a real interest in language, something that's often sadly lacking in primary children I meet.  It was clear from everything about the school (the corridor and classroom displays, the play areas, the clubs going on at lunchtime, the smooth-running administration and, above all, the teachers' cheerfulness and enthusiasm) that Whitehill is a really happy school, providing the sort of 'broad and balanced curriculum' that's exciting for everyone involved and turns children into committed lifelong learners.  It's always splendid to find such schools in the current educational climate, where there's immense external pressure to concentrate on a narrow tests-and-targets agenda, at the expense of other important (but probably immeasurable) aspects of primary education.  I'm sure that the Whitehill children I met will do well in national tests, but they're also lucky enough to be spending their childhood in a vibrant educational environment which, in the long run, will enrich their lives and further their careers much more than test scores.’


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Welcome to the Whitehill Junior School website. I hope that our site will not only give you a flavour of the ethos and expectations of our school, but will also highlight many of the amazing opportunities that the pupils at Whitehill will be offered in their four years with us.

These are very exciting times for everyone associated with Whitehill as we look to build upon its many previous successes. The school has a reputation for developing its pupils as ‘learners’ through the extensive range of activities  they experience in the classroom  coupled with our extra-curricular enrichment  programme. Education is all about the process rather than an end product and at Whitehill we aim to nourish and maintain that natural drive and curiosity whilst striving to help them achieve their true potential.

A successful working partnership between home and school is essential in order to support your child in their education. To this end, communication is a key factor in ensuring  your child has a successful journey. As well as this website, parents are able to receive latest updates via our Twitter feed and also regular newsletters. This, however, cannot replace the face to face contact and dialogue that is actively encouraged between pupils, staff and parents.

If you would like to visit the school we are all very proud of, and see our community in action, one of our pupil ambassadors would be delighted to give you a guided tour. Please approach the school office for further details.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime, I look forward to welcoming you to our school in the near future.

Mr Steve Mills

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Since we cannot know what is needed in the future we cannot teach it in advance. Schools need to turn out children who love learning so much they can learn whatever needs to be learnt.
- John Holt

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