School Structure and Rewards

Whitehill Junior School is a two-form entry junior school and therefore will have two classes in each year group. Normally, pupils transferring from Highbury Infants (our feeder school) will remain together and become our two Year 3 classes. Linked with our curriculum, these are currently known as Aztec Class and Mayan Class. We find this helps with transition.

The other classes at Whitehill are:

Year 4 Lamarr and Orville
Year 5 Apollo and Voyager
Year 6 Kahlo and Wilde

Apart from the class teacher(s), all classes at Whitehill have access to support staff who are deployed according to need. In most instances, this equates to about 80% of the week. There is also one additional member of support staff who works one day per week to support on pastoral needs.

As well as being in a class, every pupil will be placed in one of four Houses. If a child already has a sibling at Whitehill, they will be placed in the same House.

Our four Houses are: Air (Yellow), Earth (Green), Fire (Red) and Water (Blue)

Children can earn House Points (the term ‘merit’ is synonymous and may occasionally be used but has been phased out) for their work or for their attitude which they will record in a ‘My House Points’ book given to them at the start of each year. By collecting House Points, pupils will be presented certificates at various points during the year, depending on how many points they are able to collect.

The certificates are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum.

There are many other events across the school year where the pupils will represent their House. These could be sports based such as sports day, but can also have other foci such as maths challenges or quizzes.

It is always our intention that these are supportive fun events where it is very much the taking part that counts, even if there will ultimately be a ‘winner’. This supportive competition is a great life lesson for the pupils.

Other Awards
As well as earning House Points as mentioned above, there are several other awards pupils can be presented with and many of these also come with House Points.

Headteacher’s Award – This is a special certificate presented by Mr Mills when the child has gone ‘above and beyond’ and might be recommended by the teaching staff or by Mr Mills himself. This comes with five House Points

Headteacher’s Commendation – These are rare and are usually saved for when a pupil have done something exceptional within the school community or for charity. This comes with a special badge the child can wear on their uniform and ten House Points.

Caught Being Kind sticker – These can be awarded by any member of staff and are given when a pupil is spotted at any point during the day being kind or going out of their way to support another pupil or member of staff. These are celebrated weekly and also come with one House Point.

Wall of Fame – Three times a year, we present our Wall of Fame awards in English, Maths and Science. One person in each class and each subject will be presented with a certificate and their photo will be displayed together with the reason why they were chosen.

Sports Awards – Every half term, six School Games Values awards will be presented to pupils from any year group. They receive a certificate and a small trophy for them to keep on their desks. Their photos are also displayed on our sports board.

Core Purpose Award – At the end of every year, staff have the opportunity to nominate pupils for a Core Purpose Award. This is an award which recognises pupils who have consistently demonstrated our school’s values and made Profound Individual Growth. Each nominee receives a certificate and a medal on the last day of the school year. The overall winner, chosen by Mr Mills, also receives a special trophy to keep, as well as having their name added to the school trophy.

Achievers’ Assembly
Every Friday morning, we hold a special celebration assembly where we recognise individual and collective achievements over the course of the week. We will celebrate House Point certificates and we will present the House Cup. This is awarded to the House which has earned the most points and is collected by the House Captains mentioned earlier.

Other awards include the Class of the Week trophy which is awarded by Mr Mills and given to the class which has applied itself consistently over the course of the week. We also present one class with the Wombles Award which is awarded by Mr Waluk, our site manager, for the class which has left their room the tidiest at the end of each day.

Your child is also welcome to bring in external achievements such as dance or music certificates for us to share and celebrate.

Positions of Responsibility
House and Sports Captains – Pupils in Year 6 are chosen by the staff team to be take on this role. There are two House Captains and two Sports Captains per House and they act as ambassadors for their House by helping at House events, taking House assemblies and generally being a ‘cheerleader’.

Junior Leadership Team – This is made up of four Year 6 pupils who have put themselves forward for this lead ambassadorial role. The four pupils are elected democratically by the rest of the school after hustings in September. These pupils will meet with the Senior Leadership Team; act as representatives for the student body and work towards two or three school and charity based projects over the course of the year.

School Council – This is made up of the Junior Leadership Team as well as a representative from each of the other classes across the school. They work closely with Mrs Burniston to support and plan on whole school projects, as well as providing a pupil voice to the school Senior Leadership Team.

Well-being Warriors – Pupils nominate themselves as the well-being representative for their class. They are charged with helping their peers in class and also at lunch and break time to access the right support and to apply the 5 Ways to Well-being and Zones of Regulation when out and about in our setting. They are offered regular adult input and training throughout the year.

Other Roles – As well as the specific positions of responsibility mentioned above, there are many other roles a pupil might have during their time at Whitehill. Examples include: subject specific monitors; librarians; class reps.