Meet the Support Staff

You’ve heard from the teachers in the Meet the Teachers section of the website. Here is a little bit of information about our teaching assistants and support staff who will be working across the school from September 2021. 

Mrs Bowers
I am Mrs Bowers. You will see me coming into different rooms and working with children from across the whole school. You will also see me outside at break time! I love Whitehill and I have two children who used to come here too! I enjoy taekwondo and taking part in mindful activities.

Mrs Bradshaw
Hello, I am Mrs Bradshaw and am one of the Teaching Assistants.I enjoy baking, walking my pet Dalmatian (Albert) and playing hockey. I have two girls at Whitehill, one in year 4 and one in year 6.
I’m really looking forward to being part of team Whitehill and getting to know all of you. 

Miss Creese
I am Miss Creese and I am a teaching assistant at Whitehill. I have worked here several years and used to come here as a child. You will see me around school and outside when I am on break duty. I look forward to seeing you when you start!

Miss Henry
Hi my name is Miss Henry. I’ve been at Whitehill for about 25 years. I love music, arts and maths. I’m outside every lunchtime to help you and keep you safe.  If you’re hurt or ill I am here to look after you. 

When I’m at home I love gardening,  crafting and playing with my cats.

Mrs Keeling
My name is Mrs Keeling and I have worked at Whitehill school for 19 years. My favourite subject is Art and I love anything creative. I have 2 cocker spaniel dogs at home and twin daughters.

Whitehill is a great school!

Mr Mills
I’m Mr Mills (Junior) and I’ve worked at Whitehill for just over four years. I’m really into fitness at the gym and keeping healthy. Mr Mills (the Headteacher) is in fact my dad and not my brother! You will see me around school and outside when I am on break duty. I look forward to seeing all your faces when you start your new journey at Whitehill.

Mrs Vernon
I am Mrs Vernon. I am a Teaching Assistant and a Librarian (along with Mrs Winter). Our Whitehill library is full of fantastic books; I really think we have something for everyone! 

I am based in a class but can be found all over the school sharing book recommendations. I love reading and talking about books! I also run ‘Bonkers For Books’ club which is lots of fun.  

Mrs Wells
Hi, my name is Mrs Wells (but I’m not related to Mr Wells!) and I’m a Teaching Assistant at Whitehill. You will also see me in the dining room or outside at lunchtimes.

I enjoy being active and playing sport, particularly hockey and I love all kinds of dancing. I have twin girls, who used to attend Whitehill, two cats and a very naughty puppy.

I can’t wait to meet you when you start. 

Mrs Williams
Hello, I’m Mrs Williams. This is my first year as a teaching assistant at Whitehill and I am very excited! I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know you and if you need anything, I will help in anyway I can!
I love to read in my spare time and am a massive Harry Potter fan! I also love musicals so always up for a sing along! 

Mrs Granger

Hello, I’m Mrs Granger.  I am the Finance Manager and I work in the school office . I am the one who makes sure the school has enough money. You will see me when you come and visit the office.

I am a big football fan so when I’m not in school you will probably find me on the side lines of a football pitch, either watching my 2 boys play, or cheering on my favourite team.

Mrs Lanni
I’m Mrs Lanni and I work in the School Office. I’ve been at Whitehill for a few years now and I love working here. I’m usually the one you’ll come to if you’ve forgotten your packed lunch/PE kit/ musical instrument and I’ll ring home to get someone to bring it in. Don’t be scared to knock on our door- we love our visits from the children. 

I’m a mum to three children (age 5, 7 and 10), a husband and have several pet chickens! I love to read and see my friends. 

I look forward to welcoming you all to Whitehill and getting to know you better.