Meet the Teachers

Find out a little more about each of the teachers who will be at Whitehill Junior School from September 2023. Click on any of the videos below to listen to the teachers tell you a little about themselves. You may also find out about some of our teachers’ hobbies.


Mr Mills - Headteacher

Mrs McConnell Smith - Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion

Mrs Burniston - Assistant Head - Curriculum

Mr Denney - Mayan Class (Year 3)

Miss Smith - Aztec Class (Year 3)

Mrs Davies - Lamarr Class (Year 4)

Mrs Cornell - Lamarr Class (Year 4)

Miss Payne - Orville Class (Year 4)

Mr Lord - Voyager Class (Year 5)

Mrs Bailey - Apollo Class (Year 5)

Mrs Bryan - Wilde Class (Year 6)

Mr Wells - Kahlo Class (Year 6)

Miss McGurk - Teacher

Miss Gooderham - PE Teacher